Who needs sleep anyway?

Okay you guys, I know I just posted about the television shows we watch, but holy smokes did we just discover something that has totally captivated us. 

Have any of you watched The Killing on AMC??  If you haven't, you should.  Like, right now.  Seriously.  I'll wait.  Actually, wait for me, I'll watch it with you.  All over again.  It's that good.  

If the show were a venn diagram it would fall at the intersection of The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo and Twin Peaks.  It has all the creepiness of Dragon Tattoo with the story line of Twin Peaks and the mystery of both.  

We were on vacation over the weekend and decided to check out the pilot episode on Netflix.  It had looked interesting to me for a while but I just never gave it priority.  Since the pilot episode we seriously cannot stop watching.  It has literally consumed our conversation with each other, with friends, and our time.  Basically if Peyton is asleep we are watching this show.  I know. It's a problem.  Luckily for us the show is only in it's third season (which hasn't started yet) so it won't be too long before we are totally caught up and will have the normal TV schedule to curb our addiction.  Until then, though, if we don't call or hang out with anyone, please don't take it personally.  We have about 11 hours left before we are caught up and, at the rate we have been watching, we should be done in about 2 days.  Just pray that the withdrawals aren't too bad and we can recover quickly.

Check out the trailer if you still aren't convinced...

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