stand by to stand by.

it saddens me that i haven't had enough time to post entries lately :-( life is just like that, right now. fortunately, though, life is BEYOND FULFILLING these days, so i really can't complain.

my goal is to write about a few topics i've had on my mind lately... so, here's the list, and we'll see if/when i can get around to these.

1) transitions for the johnson fam - josh's job, my job, peyton's day job of entertaining family...
2) the effects of baby on marriage - yes...we are indeed learning what "it's not just the two of us anymore" means. ALL GOOD STUFF, but learning TONS.
3) picture of the munchkin - been meaning to post a few of p's photos from our photographer friends dani and kristy, even though some are from months ago :-(
4) a day in the life - because our schedule these days is just plain ridiculous.
5) lessons from our church small group - valued and precious monday nights
6) on life as a dad - (i'm not writing this one... trying to convince josh to pull his weight on this little gem of ours...!)

i love and appreciate that we have readers/followers, and as much as i want you to read my upcoming entries, i must state that my true objective is to write stuff i can someday print and look back on. in other words, if you don't care to tune in for a while, no skin off my back :-)

look for peyton's 4 month photo next thursday! she's all cheeks, as usual :8) and until our next blog, follow our short-n-sweets on twitter! click here to follow josh, and click here to follow me!

see you soon!


our happy girl - three months old

while you were out celebrating the 4th of july, we were out celebrating peyton's three month birthday! funny enough, this celebration looks a lot like a 4th of july celebration--a day at the pool with friends and neighbors, some grub on the BBQ, and a few chilled beverages, but we were really celebrating little p! :-) thanks, harrelson fam, for joining in the fun ;-)

peyton reese--you are the most amazing little baby girl a mom and dad could ever ask for. this month, you mastered "tummy time", became an expert babbler, found your hands and permanently attached them to the inside of your mouth, and figured out that if you smile at someone, they can't help but smile and laugh back!! you took your first trip to seattle for uncle kyle and aunt susanna's wedding, and were such a trooper on the plane and at all the activities we threw at you during the weekend. you are sleeping through the night (hitting an 8 and a half hour record last night!) and you are in love with sophie the giraffe, your taggie blankie, and anything that plays music or has lights! but mostly, you continue to be a total pleasure, and the most wonderful addition to our lives. thanks for being you!! we love you, sweet p!