The whole family after our 5k this morning. I love hanging with these two so much!. #JA

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Who's that mouse?!

Peyton, you just turned 2! What are you going to do to celebrate? She's going to Disneyland!!!  Ok, so we didn't really go to Disneyland FOR her birthday, but the line was fitting.  A couple of weeks ago Aunt Jacqui helped broker a deal with some friends so we could take Peyton to Disneyland for the day.  Aunt Jacqui has been dying for an opportunity to take her to Disneyland and since it was her first time, Geeg and I wanted to be there to share in the excitement.  

For a couple of days leading up we would ask her if she knew what Disneyland was and she would say, "On the TV!" I'm pretty sure she had no concept that Disney was anything other than a TV station where she watches a few shows.  She didn't really understand that there was a place we could go to see all of the characters she sees on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right up close, but could tell that she was fairly excited to go "see Mickey".  

Almost as soon as we walked in we saw Pluto...

But she didn't want to get too close.

Then we turned around and saw Minnie Mouse!

But, again, she didn't feel like getting too close.

I wonder if she'll do any better with Goofy…


Oh well, let's see what else there is to do here.

How about the Tea Cups?

Success!!!  Peyton loved those Tea Cups!! Gigi?  Not so much.  There was too much spinning for her tastes.  Almost as soon as the ride was over Peyton wanted to ride it again, though.  The line was short enough so we did.  This time Aunt Jacqui took Mama's place…

Off to Small World!

Then to Toon Town to meet Mickey and Minnie…But first a quick detour to see Pluto again… this time we got a little closer.

Okay, lets capitalize on this success and head over to Mickey's house to say hello...

Not quite as comfortable as she was with Pluto but she still loved it (more than the picture seems to indicate!)

How about Minnie Mouse? The line was a little longer, but at least we had some fun…

Then we got close enough to see Minnie!

There she is Peyton!

No fear this time!! 

Alright, lets find another ride…Dumbo sounds fun! 

Aunt Jacqui bought her a set of ears to commemorate the day…

Then we head over to Jungle Cruise.

A few tickles and laughs while we wait in line.

She was amazed by all the "animals" on the ride…

It was such a great day!!!  She had a BLAST and did great throughout the whole day.  Thank you so much to Doug Farmer for helping us get into the park and to Aunt Jacqui for helping us make such great memories!!!  I can't wait to do it again throughout the years.