rounding first

when i was a baby, i got my ears pierced. i don't remember the event. when i got older, however, i chose to get them pierced again. 2 minutes after the intense pain and suffering (!!!!!!), i found myself purposely sprawled out across the cold tile floor of the mall, doing everything in my power to not pass out. yes, i made a scene. shocking, i know. i simply couldn't fathom the fact that there were two foreign pieces of metal embedded in my skin, and they weren't coming out anytime soon. i absolutely loathe the thought of metal, or any foreign object, just hanging out in or under my skin. needles, for example, are a no-no.

fast forward to a few months ago --> WHAT? there's a small person inside of me?!?

i was strangely okay with it. i didn't have to find cold tile. i didn't have to throw my head between my knees, or lay down with my toes in the air. i didn't even need OJ or a Capri Sun. as a matter of fact, it all seemed extremely surreal. so i handled it like a big girl, because, heck, in a few short months, i'll be a mom, so i gosh-darn better grow up.

days ago we got to see this:

and yes, we are very much appreciative of his/her sense of humor already. really, baby j? pulling the "i'm trapped in a glass box of emotion" stunt already? love it, sweet one!!! gosh, you're cute! (i could see how your crazy face bones may freak a few people out, but we love you tons, regardless!)

i still haven't freaked out :-)

him/her. he/she. it's only twelve weeks, so don't spend your time trying to figure out if you can "see anything". that stuff won't show up for another month or so. and even then, we don't plan to find out, so don't bank on seeing any pics that may hint at it, because we don't even want them in our possession. and seriously, what fun would voting be if you got to find out the sex of the baby way in advance?! I KNOW! yes, the baby pool is still open for business, and will remain so until we arbitrarily decide to close it. because i said so. (HA! GOOD AT THAT ALREADY!)

disclaimer: this whole waiting-to-find-out-the-sex-of-the-baby thing was my idea, and josh isn't totally sold. YET. i mean, he's up for it, but i can't help thinking it's mostly because he feels bad for me and the cruddy morning sickness i've been experiencing, so he's happy to go along with anything that will lift my spirits and perhaps make me feel a bit better. i told him if he really couldn't wait, and just HAD to know, i'd be up for it. we'll all just have to see how this plays out... thanks for coming along for the ride.

bottom line, i coming to a close on trimester number 1. i'l be 13 weeks on sunday, and as much as i told myself i'd try not to count the weeks, its proven difficult, as i'm given some sort of reminder i'm pregnant just about 17 times a day. so for now, it's one day at a time.

for those of you wondering, no, i haven't found myself making kissy faces with the toilet. but morning sickness has most definitely made itself known. i've been nauseous for almost 6 full weeks now, and have finally figured out how to spell "nausea" on my own. bye-bye spellcheck. i got you now, word! (doesn't looking at the word make you just wanna spew?!)

i'm ALWAYS hungry, but rarely in the mood to eat. i never thought forcing food down would be so un-fun. i'm typically the last to turn down food, let alone sweets, restaurant food, or even fast food, but my limited pallet has me choosing cream of wheat and peanut butter toast these days. i'm turning into a total water drinker (it's about freaking time, gigi) and i do heart pickles :-) other than that, the occasional yogurtland finds itself on my mind during the closest thing i can consider a "craving".

i'm looking forward to the 2nd trimester, which is when Everyone And Their Mothers start to say you feel better. okay, i'm PRAYING i feel better. there's room on this bandwagon--jump on! i could use the extra prayers. thanks :-)


Dentists Suck - A dog's tale

For a while now we've known June has had a broken tooth. It never really seemed to bother her so we always forgot to do anything about it. Recently though we could tell that it was hurting her. She would eat her food in small portions over the course of the night and she was just all around lethargic, like something was bothering her. So today we took her to the doggie dentist. It was most definitely her tooth that was bothering her. Once the dentist cleaned off all the plaque he found a small hole in her tooth that was slowly bleeding. (Awful dog parents, aren't we?)

Anyway, we were presented with a few options. The first one was totally gangster. A root canal with a metal cap. It would be like she had a Terminator tooth. How cool is that?! The downside is that if she chews anything too hard (again) she could break off the WHOLE tooth! Then we would have no choice but to do a quick tooth extraction.

The second option was a complete tooth extraction. The downside to that is that it would be very painful for her and it would increase the risk of her chipping the tooth on the opposite side because she cant chew without a tooth on the other side. Ugh.

Ultimately we decided to go with the root canal option minus the terminator like cap. The doc said she should be fine like that but we would have to watch what she chews on in the future. I think we can do that! So we went ahead with the procedure.... today.

I brought her home about an hour after all the drilling had stopped and she was still a bit groggy. It was pretty funny to watch her walk home like a drunk guy on the way home from the bar. Once we got inside the house I got to watch her lie down and try as hard as she could to stay awake. She would just lie there with her head up and then her eyes would slowly close and her head would slowly lower until it was just about on her bed and then BAM! she would open her eyes and sit up. Hilarious to watch!

I noticed, though, that her face was a bit swollen from the procedure and she couldn't keep her whole tongue in her mouth. While she was fighting sleep with everything she had, the tip of her tongue was peeking out. Soooo I did the only thing I could do, I took a picture!

This picture really epitomizes what she must have been feeling. And it makes me laugh out loud. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

We love you June!