...all settled in...home sweet home...

...we were SHOWERED with gifts for our wedding... (the "before" pic)

...and unfortunately generated tons of trash!! yikes...

...but look what you helped contribute to... (the "after" pic)

...we are so happy about our new space together...

...and love just hanging out at home...

...we're so thankful to everyone for our great gifts...

...even if it means we find ourselves cooking SIGNIFICANTLY more than we used to...

...at least we're VERY well equipped...



i've always been a huge fan of my family. i remember growing up and LOVING family game night. my brother wanted to kill me for it, because i always managed to whine until he'd agree to play monopoly with us, and his plans of skateboarding and causing ruckus (sp?) with friends were shot. as a kid, we'd visit my mom's family in puerto rico every summer for weeks at a time, and my parents would take us "a pasear" on days they got tired of going to the beach. "a pasear"--although i don't know the formal translation, means something along the lines of "sightseeing"...or to put it in our terms as kids, "a slow, torturous death". we HATED it. at least we hated it at the time... i look back, and have to admit those days of "paseando" around san juan are some of my favorite memories. anytime i had my mom, dad, brother and sister with me, walking around, picking on each other, shopping, taking walks after dinner, watching storms, playing board games, holding concerts and shows... all those times are what i loved about growing up with my family.
the other day, it clicked. i'm starting my own one of these... for now, it's Josh, Gigi, and June. one day we may add in a couple of rugrats to keep it interesting, but the bottom line is that i get to "do family" all over again...this time from a different perspective! these past few weeks have consisted of all the stuff we HAVE to do (work, school, cook, clean, etc.) and some of the stuff we WANT to do (movies, walking, shopping, playing with friends, etc.). but i just have to say, my FAVORITE TIMES so far have been when Josh, June and I hit the park or the trails for some good family time. we talk, walk, picnic, joke around, play ball or frisbee, and enjoy the outdoors. its AWESOME. and SO DARN SIMPLE.
i am so blessed.


photos from the honeymooooon :-)

good news--cancun is STILL beautiful, in case you were wondering!

josh and i left for our honeymoon at 5:30am the morning after our wedding. talk about E.A.R.L.Y.--we fell asleep on our ride TO the airport, and both josh and i can sleep on planes, so we weren't all that worried. we arrived in cancun to find beautiful weather, a fabulous hotel, and spicy, but GREAT, habanero salsa.

everyday was about the same--sleep in, roll down to the pool, have a few drinks, eat at the pool bar, take a nap, wake up and get ready, go to dinner at a nice restaurant, walk around town, and get ready to do it all again. IT WAS PERFECT-- and i'd give anything to be back doing it all again!!

we did take a day to leave the hotel strip and play in the beautiful underground rivers of XCaret (pronounced "eesh-cah-det"). we snorkeled with tuna, watched the dolphins played, and actually swam with sharks!! josh really got a kick of how nervous i was to do that. i almost turned around and said "no", but i faced my fears and learned to love them :-)

most of all, i just wanted to post some photos from the fantastic week...so... here they are!


Our Wedding Soundtrack

From the first week we met, Gigi and I have bonded over music.  As our relationship grew we knew that when it came time to get married, music would play a big part of that day.  As that day came closer, and planning was well under way, we spent hours pouring through our collection of albums and songs to find the song that fit each moment perfectly.  We think we did a pretty dang good job, too!

We probably annoyed the heck out of our DJ (Sorry Bruce & Geoff!) with our extremely specific song choices and instructions regarding the songs.  In the end, letting all of our friends and family in on the soundtrack that had been playing for so long in our heads was better than we could have ever imagined.  When we look back, there isn’t a song that we would change.  Each one captured exactly what we were feeling in that moment. 

As we talk to everyone who was at the wedding we are always asked about the songs that were played.  Because everyone is so interested, we decided we would share with everyone the list of songs that made up the soundtrack to our wedding.  

  1. Entrance of Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

-         “Guaranteed” by Eddie Vedder, on the Into The Wild Soundtrack

  1. Entrance of The Bride

-         “This Years Love” by David Grey, on the album White Ladder

  1. Sand Ceremony

-         “Love and Some Verses” by Iron and Wine, on the album Our Endless Numbered Days

  1. First Kiss/ Processional

-         “Inní mér syngur vitleysingur” by Sigur Rós, on the album Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

  1. Grand Entrance of Wedding Party

-         “Paper Planes” by M.I.A., on the album Kala

  1. Grand Entrance of  Josh and Gigi

-         “Blessed” by Brett Dennen, on the album Brett Dennen

  1. Josh & Gigi First Dance

-         “Little Trip To Heaven (On The Wings Of Your Love)” by Tom Waits, on the album Closing Time

  1. Father/Daughter Dance

-         “Daughter” by Louden Wainwright III, on the Knocked Up Soundtrack

  1. Mother/Son Dance

-         “My First Child” by Nil Lara, on the album Nil Lara

  1. Josh and Gigi Exit

-         “Say Goodnight and Go” by Imogen Heap on the album Speak For Yourself

So there it is; our wedding soundtrack.  We will try to load as many songs as we can into the playlist on this page so those of you who have asked, can hear them again.  I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.  

Hope to talk to you all soon!


josh and angelica johnson, checking in!

GREETINGS to the oh-so-patient world of dedicated blog followers we have!!

apologies from the newlyweds for neglecting the blog over the past 2 weeks. we've been busy honeymooning, moving, and hanging out on CLOUD9 :-) but rest assured, we're alive and kicking!!

it has TRULY been a fairy tale of a few weeks, and josh and i both sincerely promise to provide some good, lengthy, detailed blogs about the wedding day, the honeymoon, and the first few weeks of married life. eventually. unfortunately, today is not the day for that. :-( we're both swamped getting back to real life (work, school, house duties, etc.) and need another week or so to catch up with the best of them!

in the meantime, if you haven't had the opportunity to see some amazing artwork (aka - our killer wedding day photos) created by our good friend and talented photographer, ryel, please go take a look.
visit http://blog.ryelj.com - inclusive of a full slideshow, too - YAY!
(be sure to click on the link to "will" from her page to see more shots from her 2nd shooter!)

if you made it to the wedding, we hope you had an incredible time! it was a dream come true for josh and i :-)

oh, and for some (new) contact info:
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