josh and angelica johnson, checking in!

GREETINGS to the oh-so-patient world of dedicated blog followers we have!!

apologies from the newlyweds for neglecting the blog over the past 2 weeks. we've been busy honeymooning, moving, and hanging out on CLOUD9 :-) but rest assured, we're alive and kicking!!

it has TRULY been a fairy tale of a few weeks, and josh and i both sincerely promise to provide some good, lengthy, detailed blogs about the wedding day, the honeymoon, and the first few weeks of married life. eventually. unfortunately, today is not the day for that. :-( we're both swamped getting back to real life (work, school, house duties, etc.) and need another week or so to catch up with the best of them!

in the meantime, if you haven't had the opportunity to see some amazing artwork (aka - our killer wedding day photos) created by our good friend and talented photographer, ryel, please go take a look.
visit http://blog.ryelj.com - inclusive of a full slideshow, too - YAY!
(be sure to click on the link to "will" from her page to see more shots from her 2nd shooter!)

if you made it to the wedding, we hope you had an incredible time! it was a dream come true for josh and i :-)

oh, and for some (new) contact info:
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and follow us on twitter when you figure out what it is/does...
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