thankin' my lucky stars that i've found him...!

TOMORROW i get to marry my best friend, josh. i can't even come up with the words to explain to you the emotions that i'm feeling. planning a wedding has been so fun and exciting! as much as i had hoped to stay sane during the process, i've recently feel the stress i think most brides feel... i've woken up with tense jaws, a tight back, and booming headaches over the last few days. not to mention, the sleep that i HAVE gotten hasn't felt better than a series of catnaps from 10pm-6am. at this point, i feel like i can't think straight. it's actually somewhat amusing--i find myself uber forgetful, fairly clutzy, and ultimately, a bit sloppy. luckily i know it has to do with all the emotions that have been taking over, and i'm able to laugh it off when i notice it happennin :-) i must say, i am MORE than ready for all this work and waiting to PAY OFF! josh and i are literally counting down the hours at this point. we are finalizing the little details, making pick-up and drop-off trips all over town, and trying desperately to squeeze in time with our close friends, and our out of town family. today, i'm going to get my nails done, josh is packing for the honeymoon, and we are each visiting with our guests. if i'm lucky, i'll see him this morning. otherwise, the next time i see my guy will be as he stands at the front of the aisle waiting for me. and let me tell you, i can't wait.

JOSHUA, i love you something fierce. the Lord has put you in my life as the wonderful man i get to marry, and i am forever thankful. i can't wait for our life together to begin! let's do this, baby!!!

and to those of you that have kept up with our blog, THANK YOU for making it something important enough to you to check in on every so often. we're honored you care :-) we'll be back with some update posts after our big day and our honeymoon in cancun! stay tuned!

all my love,
ms. seuc

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JJ,Kristy,Braylon and Jax said...

Soo sweet geeg. Im so happy for you guys. I have really seen the love you two share within these last couple months and I must say you two really are a perfect fit. You guys are lucky and blessed to have one another,you both deserve this. Hope youre having a ball on your honeymoon,call me when u get home. I want details,haha.