peyton reese, are you kidding me with your EVERYTHING?! you are my smile trigger, my chill giver. you are the reason i stretch my face in ways i never knew i could, and make noises i never thought possible. you have brought to life a whole new part of me. and for that, I THANK YOU. and to think how much you've grown! and learned! and become, already! you are who my eyes follow--where they dart in a room. you are who my ear perks up for. i love that i can hear you through a plethora of other noises--how i feel so in touch with the pitch of your squeals and cries. i even recognize your little toots from the other room! how you crack me up, dear peyton. and have i told you how much i adore your voice?! the look on your face when you make a new sound is priceless. the way your eyes light up when your voice is louder than all the other voices in the restaurant (ah-hem...!). and did you know i've seen you struggle with what to do when your most delicious cheeks get in the way of you smiling any bigger!? but i'd never move those cheeks for anything--own those, baby girl--they are definitely your trademark. and that new little tooth of yours is starting to make a dent in the shape of your smile. so precious... i am anxious to watch you grow and change, and to love you more and more each day (although i'm not convinced that's possible, but "they" tell me it is...) but i promise to continue to cherish each day with you as you grow. baby peyton, you've thrown me for the most incredible loop. you look so sweet in pink that i'm actually liking the color myself, these days. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU DO TO ME. i love you, i cherish you, i adore you.

happy 8 months, pey pey.

love mommy, and your equally obsessed and in love daddy.