meet the johnsons

well, hello!
we're the johnsons.  josh and angelica...  (eh, call me gigi.) ... and our newest addition, peyton!
oh yeah...then there's that dog of ours...

welcome to our blog! we started it back in 2008 when we got engaged in an effort to keep our friends and family engulfed in our wedding planning hysteria. now that we're married (2.21.09) we get to spend a lot more time together (usually goofing off), and we continue to find it strangely enjoyable to blog our insanity!  both josh and i write this blog, but i think you'll find it's not much of a mystery as to who wrote which post. be prepared to read about all kinds of irony, nonsense, and hilarity having to do with marriage, parenting, families, friendships, work, travel, school, and everyday outings in and around the OC.

we hope you enjoy our site... be sure to follow us, or check back in every so often for updates!!

some background.
if you don't know us very well...that's too bad!! we both love doing STUFF...just about anything... including lovin' on our baby girl, hangin' with the coolest dog ever, climbing, swimming, hiking, shopping, driving, traveling, listening to great tunes, watching live shows, laying in the sun, cooking, cleaning, tech-ing out, watching movies, playing outside, dining out, walking places, and spending time w/ our good friends and spectacular families! aside from the stuff we love to do, there's also the stuff we have to do... mmmm, like work.  don't get me wrong, we both love our jobs, i'm just glad we're--getting paid.  yeah. 

meet josh.
josh is the sweet, kind, witty, smart guy crackin jokes all the time. his love for technology and "the next big thing" keeps his nose in the keyboard searching, researching, and learning all that he can. he might be the first to offer you his seat, but he'll also be the first to tell you that you misspelled something. he loathes typos. a hoarder of music, a tearer of tendons, a lover of people, and an author of nicknames, this guy will always keep you on your toes. care for an in? buy him anything from chipotle or rei. that's it--you're golden!

meet angelica. (it's gigi, really...) 
gigi is the giddy, corny, goofy yet sometimes serious one that just wants to play with friends and family all the time! her obsession with HGTV has her constantly scouring the internet for ways to keep organized, prepared and ready for the next event. she is always on the look out for that "next step" and is always ready to completely rearrange the house "just to change it up a bit". she is never afraid to jump in the car at a moments notice for a road-trip (or just a day at the beach). she knows better than the doctors do and is slowly being dragged into the awesome nerdy world of technology. most of all though she is an awesome wife, a sensational friend, and one heck of a model american!

meet peyton reese.
our all time favorite little girl, peyton, blessed us with her presence on 4.4.11.  we absolutely adore this sweet baby, and she has forever changed our lives.  our kiddo is a grunter, a squirmer, and a little cuddler.  she loves to sleep on our chests, and honestly, it's the hardest thing in the world to resist.  she's been the most alert little baby since day one, and we can't wait (take that back--CAN wait) to watch her grow up!

meet june-the-dog.
june. june-bug. buggers. buggie. buggie-boo. junie. june-love. junior. jooooooone!
she cuddles. she loves. she lays. she sleeps. she whines. she growls. she cries. she pouts. she hides. she sprints. she stumbles. she sneezes. she snorts. she drools. she hears. she stares. she snores. she shakes. she sits. she learns. she licks. she licks. she licks. she camps. she climbs. she swims. she plays. she chews. she rocks.
some would call her a dog. we call her a part of our family. it's just too bad she couldn't write her own "about me". dang paws.