vacationing with good friends - las vegas, nv

the past four days have been pure bliss. josh, peyt, and i hit the road midday wednesday and headed vegas (because i have no clue if that's north, east, north-north east, east-north-north. whatever. it's just toward vegas.) but the best part of our trip? we didn't even go NEAR that dirty strip. we hooked a left at vegas and went toward the toll brothers community "red rock" where luxury homes lined paved streets and families did their family thing. suburbia. BLISS.

our good friends, jana and brian, were there as a perk of brian's job (every toll brother's employee gets to stay in one of their houses across the country once a year). we were so excited when they asked us if we'd join them, along with our other good friends, kym and andrew. this was our first "families vacationing together" trip, and i look forward to MANY more. we did not leave the house the entire 4 days. everything was there that we needed! our friends, the pool, food, drinks, a pool table, the tv, toys for the kids, lots of bedrooms, twice as many bathrooms. the house was beautiful (i have yet to see a toll brothers home that doesn't cause your jaw to drop) and the harrelsons did a fantastic job hosting us, even though we kept trying to get them to relax. oh, how was the weather, you ask!? ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS! i can't believe it ever went over 95 or under 75. the kids weren't too hot, but it was never too cold to take a dip in the warm pool or even the hot tub. here are a few pics of the shinanigans. enjoy!!


5 months and soaking up this world!

at 5 months old you continue to bring so much joy to our lives. you have quite the little personality--you're sweet, cuddly, happy, goofy, goofy, goofy, and constantly exploring and putting EVERYTHING in your mouth. you are easily distracted...when you're nursing and you hear june or daddy walk in, you stretch your head wayyyy back looking for them, and i get a little peek of your usually roll-covered neck. then you make noises, blow bubbles, blow air and eventually re-focus. so cute. you roll from front to back and back to front, and you twist all over, but you're not moving in any one specific direction yet. thankfully. i'm not quite ready for you to be mobile. you learned to sit up this month, and you LOVE standing on your feet when people support you up. my favorite thing you do is flash your big, gummy smile at mommy and daddy when we come get you out of your crib in the mornings. i love that you recognize us, and that you associate us with fun and happiness. because that's what we think of you, too!
we love you peyton, no doubt and never changing.