hey ya'll (3) dedicated followers.

so i have lots of people asking where the belly pics are. i know it's practically rocket science, but there are tabs at the top of our blog leading you to different blog pages of ours labeled "meet the johnsons" and "that belly...". has anyone noticed these?? if not, this is where you can gather background on our little, but growing fam, as well as track the progress of my ever-expanding belly!! so far we've got photos from 15 weeks and 19 weeks, and you can expect more in the next week or so, as we approach 23. no, there's no rhyme or reason to when we update--it's more just laziness on my part to get in front of the point'n'shoot lens... i'll get better as progress starts showing more... promise.

anyway, be sure to keep checking the "pages" for updates as the johnson family continues to evolve :-)


it's that time of year!

l-l-laker season!!

twice a week we come home from work, speed dial the pizza guy, throw our feet up, and enjoy a nonstop blur of purple and yellow for a good straight three hours. oh, a small amount of our weekend is consumed with similar activities too, thanks to sunday games...

this is becoming a familiar view :-)