santa visits cresa!

we are SO FORTUNATE to have my company bring santa TO US year after year.  this year's event unfolded as follows...

here he comes!!!

the kids are awestruck... i think us newer parents are, too... this is TOO FUN!

AAAAND THERE IT IS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.  we'll be framing this one...  

"better now that mommy is protecting me... santa keeps asking what i want for christmas, and i keep redirecting the converstion to all the wonderful christmas decorations i see! even though santa's seen it all... "

got the shot :) merry Christmas, 2012!

oh, peyton, don't forget, santa brought you something!!

santa just sneak attacked his way in for the grab.  peyton's face screams, "who sees this and isn't doing anything about it...!?!?!?" 
"daddy, it was terrible, i had to SIT ON HIS LAP!!!!  "
"maaaahhhhmmeeeee, make it betterrrrrrrr...."
 all in all, it was a sucessful visit with santa.  we got to play with our friends, do lots of crafts, and enjoy some scrumptious holiday treats.