Why so serious...?!

We saw Batman for the second time last weekend. This time, though........on IMAX. Wow! I don't quite appreciate the better sound and picture quality the way Josh can, but I can tell ya one thing--the Joker is scarier than normal when he's that much larger. When you have to turn your head from the left to the right just to see either end of his smile (which is huge, I know), its a little intimidating. I love the movie, but the best part of seeing it again was getting to really watch Heath Ledger's performance. Amazing.
Now that I've seen Batman twice (even though I loved both time), I figure that can count as "2 of Josh's movie nights", and therefore I can drag him to see "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" with me (for my second time...hahaha) and then to see "Nights in Rodanthe" (the latest movie by the author of The Notebook...and with Diane Lane and Richard Gere...now THAT'S going to be a real winner). HA, you think I'm joking...but I'm not. Get excited for the upcoming weekends, Honey!


the proposal

been meaning to post this...

bridesmaid dresses.....check.

The local bridesmaids joined me on a trip to Alfred Angelo's on Wednesday to try on dresses and we found them! No photos will go here... don't want to take away from the wedding. The dresses are VERY neat, however, and look bomb on these girls... even preggo Kristy looked good! Haha! My favorite part? They are burnt orange :-) Yessssss!

Thanks for the help, my little models :-)

Next stop - Tuxes.



bed and bath - self explanatory.
beyond - goofing off with josh and laughing my head off in EVERY aisle of the store, rolling my eyes at him as our "consultant" signs us up for AN HOUR (really???), watching the two of us "compromise" with each other about design and quality, finding $9000 of merchandise we don't really need--rather just want, wanting to chuck the incompetent scanner accross the store, almost dropping the entire "breakables" section, and the sincere hope that every trip to BBB holds yet another hilarious adventure...


i like my guy with a little drop of cuban...

My mom's birthday was on Saturday, and to celebrate, our family went to a friends house for a combined birthday party. The family was Cuban, much like mine... and a Cuban Party is also known as a dance party with killer food! That's exactly what it was. Josh came and got to see a little of what my life was like as a kid, growing up with crazy latin american people all over the place. We danced the night away, and it turns out that Josh is not afraid to dance!!! He and I had a B.L.A.S.T dancing... I was sweating bullets and Josh was laughing his head off. My parents, my sister and brother in law, and Josh and I danced with 20-30 other people. The music was loud, the drinks kept coming, and the dessert topped off the night! So, if I can convince Josh to keep it up, you'll see some of his funk moves at the wedding...right, Baby!?!?! Right.......... ;-)
Speaking of wedding, we started registering this weekend. We registered at Crate&Barrel and Macy's, and we plan to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond this week. TALK ABOUT FUN...!! Josh just LOVES that stinkin' scanner...

Here are some pics from today's family BBQ at Salt Creek!


No, no I can't drink tonight...

"I've got a big day tomorrow...we are going to Home Depot... maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I don't know. I don't know if there will be enough time." - Frank the Tank

Each week begins much like the one before it... with no plans for the weekend except to hang out with June and do some wedding planning with Gigi. Something happens around Wednesday or so though. I look at the calendar and every waking moment is filled with something. Welcome to life with Gigi! If you know her like I do, "nothing" is not an option. She cannot sit still. I've even tried sitting on her and pinning her arms and shoulders down with my legs and hands. Of course... I was dangling spit above her face at the time... that could have been a factor.

Anyway, Gigi and I are always on the go. I think we have plans for every minute of this weekend. Whether it is spending time with friends, or making sure we have our wedding plans covered, or just spending time together goofing off, we are non-stop. I have never had so much fun, being so busy!

With all of the wedding plans being made and the holidays coming up in just a few months, I can only see life getting busier. You know what? I don't care. I am having so much fun doing all of this with the woman I love. No matter how busy we get, we always have fun, and we do our best to do the things we want to do as well as the things we have to do. The busier we are, the more time we get to spend together and the more I desire to be with her.

So while we may not be going to Home Depot this weekend, we are going to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Why not, we have the time, and I couldn't be happier. I especially love the Beyond section... they serve beer there. Too bad Frank the Tank didn't know that.


Once upon a time...

If you're reading this blog, its probably because you know Josh and I, and I probably told you about our new blog. First off, this use of the word "our"...exciting...yet not truly claimable (word?) for another few months. The wedding's on February 21 and I can't wait. We've got the location, the wedding party, the food, the honeymoon, the dress, the guest list, the officiant, and the colors... now its time for the details. I'll update this with the latest and the greatest every so often, but I won't overdo it...promise. I must say one thing, though--I am thoroughly distracted by the wedding planning! Just trying to live it up, as it will only happen once :-)

Every so often I think about the past month(s) and realize...dang, I'm busy. It seems to be the running theme in my life. And you know what? I STINKIN LOVE IT! I do. I love being busy and having everything scheduled. Am I sick? You know what it means though (other than the fact that I lack spontaneity ...)? It means I get to do a lot of cool stuff! Last night, I packed in dinner with my J-bird, a trip to Walmart for some good laughs at the so-called "wedding section", and a shopping trip to the Chick's Annual Tent Sale. The night before... a solid workout, cooking and eating with Mom-n-Pop, and a casual trip to BigLots (I know, I'm a lover of the cheesy cheap stores... Josh thinks I settle for crappy things...he's right. But they sell OXO there now!!! That's stuff you find at Bed Bath and Beyond. I mean, really!? I can't pass that up for $3 a peice!) In any case, I've realized this planning this is not a bad problem to have. It may mean I'm addicted to my virtual calendar, but it let's me hang with the people I care to hang with and still get my own stuff done. Just a head's up though... I usually take about a four-day notice to hang out.

My blogs will get better. Just give me time. I had to squeeze this in unexpectedly. I hadn't blocked out any time for this one...... . . . . . . . . . . .