summer's a-coming!

summer is on it's way. to us, that means early evening walks, trips to the park, and days at the pool (and hopefully the beach, too). i can't wait!


our one year old!!!

one word: BLESSED!

can you believe this time last year we were just two fools waitin' on a kid to pop out?! who'd've thunk we'd be SOOOO in love with a 28" tall peanut?! this has been the best year of our lives (especially of peyton's life...) and we are so thankful to be blessed with such an amazing little girl.

peyton reese is ONE -- she's walking 5-8 steps at a time (although only after some serious coercing...), she's talking (about 20-30 words, sometimes 2 at a time!!) and signing another 10 or so. she is FUNNY, and has been given some amazing comedic timing, as she times her condesending laughs a perfect second and a half after all other laughing has stopped ("such a lame joke, mom... not even funny--but here's a pity laugh.") that's our sarcastic girl!! she's enjoying bathtime and pooltime, but not a huge fan of eating time (although you wouldn't know it with those rolls on her legs). after a challenging year, she's finally sleeping through the night (yay/phew/'bout time, girl). she's a bit of a momma's girl when she's tired or overwhelmed, but otherwise plays well by herself and with other babies and adults. she LOVES june--or "good girl", as she calls her, and pets her just like she sees the big people pet her. her 8 teeth make up the most amazing cheeser, and the soft puffy cheeks don't hurt, either! she's brown eyed, may be left handed, and a total cuddle bug.

i still can't believe we had anything to do with making this amazing human. but then, josh kindly reminds me... (wink wink)

happy first birthday, peyton reese. you make our world go round!!


remember when....

remember back in the day, before the chaos, before the diapers, before the exhaustion--back when i used to blog!? ohhhh, the days.... i remember those. i remember having time to myself when i got home from work. i remember having a clean house. i remember meeting my guy for dinner at a different restaurant every night. i remember not rushing home for a 7:30 bedtime. i remember never using the phrase, "well, the nap schedule...blah blah blah."

well, i'll admit that was ONE season, but definitely not THIS season. and i'm thankful for each.

i've done a farily decent job of forgetting josh and i have a blog :-/ it just got pushed to the side, along with vacuuming and dusting... i mean... yeah. but it's been a full year since the peanut was born, and it's time to start FINDING TIME to keep this blog up to date, not just with pictures, but also with stories and random happenings, as i once did. i'm excited to blabber again :)

so with that, i'll leave you with a snipet of what's been taking up so much time. and i couldn't be happier!