small group gets bigger... again!

posted on facebook today, but didn't want to forget this special moment in time...

about 5 years ago josh and i joined a bible study/small group thru our church that met on monday nights.  we were pretty sure we were nuts because we had seemingly NO TIME to be doing anything "extra" in our lives. (HA, that's a joke. we officially know what "no time" really means now... well, until we have less time, one day.) anyway, little did i know that meeting with these 10-12 people each and every monday night would bring us the most amazing, grounded, encouraging, uplifting friendships we'd experienced in our lives. but more than anything, we've been given this incredible opportunity to deeply and personally see God move in our own lives and in the lives of our friends.  i am beyond blessed by this BLESSING He presented us with, and LOVE being reminded of this awesome journey as we walk with our friends through joys, heartbreaks, pregnancies, failed adoptions, successful adoptions, job changes, parenting joys and challenges, fears and anxieties, prayer life growth, spiritual growth, "baby butt rashes" (thank you, francis chan), infertility, relocations, vacations and getaways, sick loved ones, miscarriages, drained hopes, fulfilled dreams, deeper gospel understanding, knowledge sharing, loving one another, answered prayers, pending answered prayers, answered prayers that went God's way and not our way, and miracles, miracles, miracles. joyful to be celebrating the newest member of our small group family today.....welcome, little precious caleb gash! and from last week, welcome baby micah! linds, you're up, girl!