photos from the honeymooooon :-)

good news--cancun is STILL beautiful, in case you were wondering!

josh and i left for our honeymoon at 5:30am the morning after our wedding. talk about E.A.R.L.Y.--we fell asleep on our ride TO the airport, and both josh and i can sleep on planes, so we weren't all that worried. we arrived in cancun to find beautiful weather, a fabulous hotel, and spicy, but GREAT, habanero salsa.

everyday was about the same--sleep in, roll down to the pool, have a few drinks, eat at the pool bar, take a nap, wake up and get ready, go to dinner at a nice restaurant, walk around town, and get ready to do it all again. IT WAS PERFECT-- and i'd give anything to be back doing it all again!!

we did take a day to leave the hotel strip and play in the beautiful underground rivers of XCaret (pronounced "eesh-cah-det"). we snorkeled with tuna, watched the dolphins played, and actually swam with sharks!! josh really got a kick of how nervous i was to do that. i almost turned around and said "no", but i faced my fears and learned to love them :-)

most of all, i just wanted to post some photos from the fantastic week...so... here they are!

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