i've always been a huge fan of my family. i remember growing up and LOVING family game night. my brother wanted to kill me for it, because i always managed to whine until he'd agree to play monopoly with us, and his plans of skateboarding and causing ruckus (sp?) with friends were shot. as a kid, we'd visit my mom's family in puerto rico every summer for weeks at a time, and my parents would take us "a pasear" on days they got tired of going to the beach. "a pasear"--although i don't know the formal translation, means something along the lines of "sightseeing"...or to put it in our terms as kids, "a slow, torturous death". we HATED it. at least we hated it at the time... i look back, and have to admit those days of "paseando" around san juan are some of my favorite memories. anytime i had my mom, dad, brother and sister with me, walking around, picking on each other, shopping, taking walks after dinner, watching storms, playing board games, holding concerts and shows... all those times are what i loved about growing up with my family.
the other day, it clicked. i'm starting my own one of these... for now, it's Josh, Gigi, and June. one day we may add in a couple of rugrats to keep it interesting, but the bottom line is that i get to "do family" all over again...this time from a different perspective! these past few weeks have consisted of all the stuff we HAVE to do (work, school, cook, clean, etc.) and some of the stuff we WANT to do (movies, walking, shopping, playing with friends, etc.). but i just have to say, my FAVORITE TIMES so far have been when Josh, June and I hit the park or the trails for some good family time. we talk, walk, picnic, joke around, play ball or frisbee, and enjoy the outdoors. its AWESOME. and SO DARN SIMPLE.
i am so blessed.

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