stand by to stand by.

it saddens me that i haven't had enough time to post entries lately :-( life is just like that, right now. fortunately, though, life is BEYOND FULFILLING these days, so i really can't complain.

my goal is to write about a few topics i've had on my mind lately... so, here's the list, and we'll see if/when i can get around to these.

1) transitions for the johnson fam - josh's job, my job, peyton's day job of entertaining family...
2) the effects of baby on marriage - yes...we are indeed learning what "it's not just the two of us anymore" means. ALL GOOD STUFF, but learning TONS.
3) picture of the munchkin - been meaning to post a few of p's photos from our photographer friends dani and kristy, even though some are from months ago :-(
4) a day in the life - because our schedule these days is just plain ridiculous.
5) lessons from our church small group - valued and precious monday nights
6) on life as a dad - (i'm not writing this one... trying to convince josh to pull his weight on this little gem of ours...!)

i love and appreciate that we have readers/followers, and as much as i want you to read my upcoming entries, i must state that my true objective is to write stuff i can someday print and look back on. in other words, if you don't care to tune in for a while, no skin off my back :-)

look for peyton's 4 month photo next thursday! she's all cheeks, as usual :8) and until our next blog, follow our short-n-sweets on twitter! click here to follow josh, and click here to follow me!

see you soon!

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