TV Will Rot Your Brain!!!

Between work, workouts, kids, and a full three months this year of being sick, Geeg and I don't get to spend too much time together except for between 8'ish and 10'ish each night about 2 - 3 times during the week.  So we usually pile on the sofa, ice our respective injuries, and catch up on a few of our favorite TV shows.  

There are a few that we just let pile up on the DVR until we don't really have much to watch and then catch up all at once, like The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and New Girl.  But there are a few more that we just can't wait for and will watch just as soon as we can.  The Following, Psych, Parenthood, Suits, Cougar Town (trust me, guys, its a stupid name, but its a funny show), and Criminal Minds never last on our DVR for very long. 

We absolutely love watching TV together.  We watch together, discuss characters, and talk about what we think is going to happen during and after the show. Depending on the show, we will talk about it throughout the week, analyze situations and try to get a peek into the heads of the characters and sometimes even the writes of the show to see if we can figure out where things are going to go.  

For me it's less about watching the show and more about the time that I get to spend with my wife while watching and discussing things with her throughout the week.  It's exciting to see how her mind works when going through a story.  To watch her completely intrigued as she watches The Following, to watch her laugh at silly stupid jokes on Psych, to watch her cry at the tear-jerking moments on Parenthood, or get so creeped out by Criminal Minds that we have to watch Cougar Town to get her mind off how many psycho's there are in the world.  Believe it or not I find her reactions, thoughts, and analysis of these shows endearing.  It is totally fun to engage with her in this way.  

We love to engage with others about our show too! Feel free to talk to us about our shows.  Come over and watch them with us sometime!  We'll crack open a bottle of wine or pour some scotch and make a night of it.

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