There's no "I" in "Team".

I know, I know, there is a "ME". Whatever, that's besides the point.

Josh and I met through a work project where we were tasked to prepare a building for 300+ people to move into it, in about a week. I remember the two of us having to hit every office and workstations with a variety of labels, signs, paperwork, and propoganda a number of times...and even with the loads of talking and flirting we did during that week, we were SOOOOO efficient! It was almost scary.

Every so often the two of us are given an..."opportunity"...to solve a problem together. This weekend that so-called problem was how to successfully move a roomful of furniture from point A to point B with only each other's help. Oh, I know what you're thinking..."Gigi, you're so strong and tough, you and Josh would be just fiiiiiinnnneee. You don't wine and complain when you get tired of moving or anything like that... He must have been so lucky to have you there to lead the process..." (I must interrupt myself here. If you don't understand my sense of humor...or my sarcastic inserts ...I will come out and just tell you, THIS IS ME BEING SARCASTIC.) I was quickly reminded of my upper-body weaknesses this weekend. BOY, am I a WIMP! Back to my original point, though, we did it. We carried, loaded, organized, tied-down, drove, untied, unloaded, carried, and placed all the furniture in decent time. First off, I love, love, love our new bedroom furniture, but working together with Josh for a few hours was so fun. He and I have similar thought processes when it comes to logistics, and its great to work off one another. I must give him EXTRA credit though, that boy can pack a truck like nobody's business. I told him I think they should have a reality TV show dedicated to how well people can do things like that. He'd win.

So, Josh, you think we'll ever have to work together when we get married??? Nahhhhhhhh, no way...... (Sarcasm, again, guys. But that's it, no more pointing it out...)

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Michelle said...

I have to say, that Josh once moved a refrigerator for me. At one point, while carrying it down the stairs, he was supporting the entire fridge by himself! Insane!! He does have good moving furniture/appliances skills. :-)