Nobody walks in L.A.

Well, this isn't L.A.! It's Orange County.  Even though gas prices have come down considerably, Gigi and I have recently learned that there are a few things within walking distance of her house.  The Aliso Viejo shopping center is only about a 30 minute walk away, Yogurtland - 15 minutes, Ralphs - 20 min, and who knows what else lies undiscovered.  

We have started catching on to the fact that walking June for an hour or so tires her out enough that she is fairly calm at home for the rest of the night and it's not bad exercise for us.  Besides the exercise, it gives Gigi and I a chance to just talk.  We have walked miles during our relationship. Mostly because of June, but also because we realize how much it brings our relationship down to the basics.  Getting out of the house and just talking, without the distractions of T.V., the radio, and whatever else is going on, has been a great thing for us.  Almost every time we go on long walks together we come back and feel just a little refreshed about things.

Even though it's getting colder outside, I can see Gigi and I doing a lot more walking together.  I just need to get her a good jacket!  Maybe I can collect all the hair June sheds and make her one.  On second thought, that's a little gross.  I'll just find one in her closet.

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Diana said...

EEXXXXACTLY why I love Ny!!! You get to walk eveywhere and it DEf gives you time to talk and catch up with ppl, this is EXACTLY why you guys should move here and see me everyday!!!!

except the last comment about it getting 'cold' is disheartening for me, (not to mention hard to believe that it is actually in fact too cold to walk) :)

See you guys soon!!!