He's not the only one studying...

On December 13th of this year, I will have known Josh for two years. I can still remember the moment I met him. We shook each other’s hands and shot a professionally confident glance in each other’s direction, saying simultaneously, “It’s nice to meet you”. The rest is history, just history (although I LOVE telling the story, so ask me about it one day, if you’ve never gotten the inside scoop). Josh and I have gone through waves of spending TONS of time together, then straight to weeks of spending just a few moments here and there together. But let me tell you, I KNOW him. I know he loves pizza and basketball (together is just pure bliss to him). I know he loves his dog, his friends, his family, his coworkers. I know he loves to climb and hike and camp. I know he can appreciate just about any music (unless it’s utter crap), and I know he likes those really smart TV shoes like House, Heroes, Lost, even TopGear. I got it down. It’s simple. I’ve figured him out.

AND THEN—BAM! No I haven’t! Not even close! He’s even more complex and interesting than I could’ve ever imagined. And it’s AWESOME, because I know I won’t stop learning about him when we get married. Josh is an artist. He is extremely (almost ridiculously) intelligent. He’s good at ANY sport he plays, or even tries. He can beat any video game you hand him, typically within the week. He never puts less than 100% effort into whatever he does (he refuses…and I’ve even been a bad influence and asked him to try to half-ass something…nope, he won’t do it!!). You know what else? He gets sweeter every day. He never stops thinking about me. And he’ll never let a day go by without reminding me that he loves me and that he’s stoked to spend the rest of his life with me (which is just such a relief because we keep working on these wedding plans…and it’s so nice to know he’s still got it on his calendar….haha).

So let me tell you, the journey’s been fun, so far. But for the next four months, and into our lifetime together, I have a LOT of studying to do on this amazing catch-o-mine, Josh! And I won’t stop. :-)