WP - in full swing.

it's official. it's time to get our butts back into wedding planning. with only a 7 month engagement, you'd think wedding planning would be a constant, but i can honestly say that josh and i took a 2 month break from the planning chaos and just enjoyed "being engaged". the wedding is now only 4 months away, so we've got some serious stuff to think about! not to mention, between now and the wedding, we'll be sidetracked with a few things that will ALSO require our full attention... thanksgiving, christmas, new years, josh's birthday, wedding showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, super bowl sunday, and valentine's day... phew. it's a good thing we don't have anything else to do.................... rightttttt......

oh yeah, i almost forgot--i kicked my baby's butt in mini golf this weekend! :-)

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