what're those johnson's up to?!

wow. disappointment has set in as to how far behind we've fallen on blogging. i miss it!!

"we're busy" would be an understatement. regardless, here's a little update for those of you far away that may not know the latest happenings in the johnson family.

#1 - we're doing good! we're healthy, we're happy, and we have lots to look forward to... well--one thing specifically... baby j is on schedule to arrive 3/27/11. just a few more months!

#2 - the holidays came and went, and as usual, reminded me of how great some time off to spend with family and friends can be! we celebrated thankgiving with the johnson and seuc family together (although, mom spent thanksgiving with her family in puerto rico, and we missed her terribly...). we spent christmas eve with the seuc's doing dinner, church, and presents (santa comes early to the seuc house every year...) and spent christmas day with the johnson's doing breakfast, gifts, laker game watching, hanging out, and dinner. it was REALLY fun to have our 14-month old nephew joel around this year, especially because he was much more active than a bag of potatoes this year! new year's eve was spent with our close friends jana, brian, nicole, and baby hunter, and we spent new year's day watching comedian jo koy at the improv with our friends craig and zsa.

#3 - josh has had a 3 week break from school, and he's loved every minute of it!! 1 of those weeks were combined with time off work between the holidays, so he's really had it nice these past few weeks. he's slowly but surely getting back into climbing, visiting the gym here and there and trying not to forget how to do the dance. i know he's super excited to show baby j how to climb...!

#4 - work is all consuming for me these days. it's stressful, to say the least, but i feel like i only have a few more months to make work a priority before baby j comes, so i might as well! after long hours at the office, and a few extra hours of work at home, i'm left with little time for much else. josh, june, and i squeeze a nightly walk into the just-before-bed-routine, and i do my best to leave the weekends for time to focus on baby (okay....shopping), spend with freinds and family, and mentally rest.

#5 - what's next? well, josh's birthday is right around the corner....! our anniversary follows shortly after, in mid february, and i'll likely have a little baby shower or something in the next few weeks. i'm hoping to make it to our company trip to vegas this year, but that's just 3 weeks before my due date, so it'll be quite the adventure! baby j is looking healthy, according to doc, and i continue to pray for a fairly comfortable 3rd trimester.

we'll try to get back into the swing of blogging. we got a new camera for christmas, so hopefully sharing photos will become a more regular thing for us.

oh, btw, a 28.5 week belly pic just landed on the blog. click on the "that belly" tab to see it!

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