Thank you!

So apparently we should announce that we are pregnant more often! In the last few days we have had more traffic than ever on our blog. Thank you to the few people who have commented here. We were beginning to wonder if anyone was actually reading this thing! It’s one thing to get Facebook comments, text messages, and emails, but it feels really good to see people comment on our blog. We get all warm and fuzzy inside then we curl up on the floor with a blanket and fall asleep with a smile on our faces. True story.

Anyway, thank you all for your support and well wishes over the last couple of days. We are pretty dang excited about having a little one on the way! And we are really excited to be able to share the news with all of you in such a fun way too! The video was a lot of fun to make and see come to fruition (with a little a lot of help of our friend Justin!). It will be just a few quick months before March rolls around and we are looking forward to every minute of it.

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