I am geek. Hear me roar!

Geek. It’s not a word I liked when I was younger. As a kid it definitely had a negative connotation and didn’t put you in the cool crowd at school. Oh how times have changed since then! Nowadays geek is cool. Geek is something to be proud of. Lego’s, Mythbusters, and video games…OH MY!

When I met my wife I had to release my geeky-ness in small amounts. It started small with an insanely overgrown music collection. Then it moved on to animated movies, tons of pop-culture references, and my collection of old-school video game consoles I have kept since I was a kid. Over the years of knowing each other she has come to see exactly how much of a geek I can be am and has even slowly started becoming one herself (although she won’t readily admit it). She craves watching The Big Bang Theory (we sing along to the song every week!) and has come to appreciate my The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations.

When we discussed having kids before we were pregnant I would always tell her that our kids will grow up with a geek for a dad. Our kids will most definitely be schooled in the ways of the Atari 2600, classic cartoons, and knowing who The Goonies are. Now that we have a child on the way, she actually encourages my geek to shine. From her encouragement of me buying baby clothes with geeky sayings on them, to the creation of our announcement video she is embracing my geeky side and actually joining in on the fun. It’s pretty awesome. SHE is pretty awesome.

A while back I stumbled on a blog called GeekDad. It has become one of my favorite blogs to read and pull ideas from for when my kid(s) are ready to join the Geek Nation. (I just made that term up. I have no idea if it really exists.) They review, keep track of, and keep me in the loop of all things geeky that kids are sure to love (and learn from!). Yesterday we decided to send them a link to our announcement video to show them how geeky we can be. Much to our amazement they LOVED it! So much so they decided to feature it on their blog this morning! We officially have geek cred and I am wearing it like a badge of honor. Jump on over and check it out!

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