reaching out.

it's no mystery, but im a fan of the "occassional" (ahem) social media.

some people get it, some people don't. lucky for me, mylack of being passionate for any one thing in particular allows me to not feel the need to constantly explain why facebook, twitter, blogging, google-reading, site surfing, etc. make me feel more connected to this world. there are debates on the pros and cons of social media just about everywhere you look. but can i tell you something? my aunt and i get to keep up on facebook multiple times a day. my cousins and i keep each other updated as to when we'll be in town looking for a visit, and my grandma updates her status with the crazyness of retired life!! not to mention, reunions are planned, big game scores are updated by the minute, and earthquake magnitudes are posted. this stuff is helpful.

obviously this stuff can be distracting, but what about all those people that show up at my office door when i'm trying to develop a budget!?!?!

so i'll leave you with the latest tid bit of helpfulness i've experienced on the wonderful world of facebook. and to the husband--i hope one or all of these helps your head.

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