a cup o' tea

ugh. i'm thirsty. hungry, too? no, not hungry, just thirsty.

mmmmmm. tea sounds good.

pour water, crack open the micro, slam door, hit 9-0-start. and wait.

i wonder if josh would want tea. eh, he's doing homework. he won't even know i'm having tea. and he can make some when he's done.

UMMMM. HELLO, GIGI! I KNOW IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY AND ALL, BUT THIS PRINCESS/ME/ME/ME ATTITUDE WILL GET YOU NOWHERE. i cannot believe i rationalized this move in my head. shocked and saddened at the same time, i walked to the office and offered my husband some tea, to which he graciously accepted. "with a tiny bit of sugar, please, honey! oh, and babe? thanks so much!!"

90 seconds later it was HIS tea that was coming out of the microwave, and not mine. i dropped his bag in, added some sugar, popped another water mug in the microwave, hit 9-0-start, and walked his tea over to the office. my hot water came out 90 seconds later. i LOVE mint tea. yummmm :-)

one of the first dates josh took me on was to a favorite pizza joint of his. he ordered for us, and after we each poured our own sodas, he grabbed a straw, unwrapped it, and stuffed it in my soda. WHAT? uhm, okay, i guess i'll unwrap a straw and stick it in YOUR soda....

WOW. this "thinking of the other person first" thing is kind of cool. :-)

when josh and i got married 16 months ago (no i'm not counting, it's simple arithmetic. february plus four equals june, plus two days, and that year thats gone by, and you're at 16 months, or one year and one third. okay, i'm counting...) it was easy and exciting to offer him a cup of tea on a sunday evening. it was a cakewalk to put him first. we were MARRIED, and that's what married people do. i told myself i'd ALWAYS think of josh first.

when i popped MY tea in the microwave, i justified why i didn't need to put josh first.

and that was so not cool.

it's not always easy, and it's not always natural, but as a wife, a lover, a caretaker, i have to continue to think of my husband first. a year after the wedding. ten years after the wedding. 50 years after the wedding. selflessness and consideration--two healthy qualities that help ensure we're not hurting each other. because on a daily basis, the things i do need to HELP my husband, and not HURT or HINDER him. even if it's as simple as making sure he's set with a sunday "prevening" cup of tea. :-)

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