Sure, why not?!

Two words have been used to describe me in the past: stubborn and hard-headed. That’s just absurd, don’t ya think?!

I am going to Comicon on Sunday. That’s how I know I am not stubborn, nor hard-headed. Attending Comicon (an annual Comic/Fantasy Convention held in San Diego) is my proof!

I’m a realist. I have no imagination. I don’t like things that don’t make perfect sense. Fantasy does not peak my interest, whatsoever. Star Wars gave me nightmares as a kid. I have walked out of a number of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter-type movies in my lifetime. I teased kids with imaginary friends in elementary school.

“So why the heck are you going, Gigi?” you may ask.

Well, because Josh asked me to. It was presented to me as “an opportunity to do some incredulous people watching” and “have a $20 day-cation”. Who says “No” to a deal like that?! Not to mention, I’ll take any opportunity to spend the day in San Diego with the hubby rather than with coworkers and clients (no offense to any of them…)

Here’s the real kicker--I’m getting excited to go. Josh has done an excellent job of bringing to light that my stubbornness is typically predicated by the fact that I haven’t given something a chance. (My parents probably told me this exact same thing 349 times over the past 25 years, but unfortunately I wasn’t listening, or I was busy saying, “I know”, and moving on. Sorry, guys. Please forgive me…) Josh is a total “techy”, and I have always given him a hard time for it. However, lately, Josh has subtly encouraged my little bit of techyness to surface. He’ll take apart a computer a put it back together, and a little part of me wants to know what all the pieces do. He once asked me to try watching an episode of LOST with him, and it turns out it’s one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen! I’m so hooked! He’s pulled his phone out to do “on-the-spot research” about 100 times now, and I’ve recently noticed myself doing it. I now somewhat find entertainment in the occasional video game; there are days I am more active on Twitter than he is; and I actually “wikihow-ed” something the other day. It’s amazing what marriage does. I’ve learned to like “techy”.

So when I say I’m excited, it’s not because I can’t wait to wear my Star Trek costume, it’s not because I’m hoping Spiderman will be stuck in the upper corner of the convention center somewhere, it’s not because I’m curious what The Hulk feels like in person, and it’s definitely not because I’m excited to see how much Harry Potter and his friends have grown in the past ten years. It’s really because I’ll be giving something a chance, and I’ll probably like it more than I think.

Being open-minded is really quite exciting!

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m&j said...

Way to go Gigi!

- Jessica