a bit overdue...

My quarter century birthday was a couple weeks ago, and Josh and I invited some friends and family to come hang and spend the day with us. I know it's a bit overdue, but I thought I'd share some pics from the day.
The intention was a POOLSIDE BBQ, but the drizzle and grey clouds made for a half indoor/half outdoor, fully clothed party. The cloudy day couldn't keep the BBQ from firing up and cooking some brats and hot dogs.

Simple... relaxing... outside... grub&bevs... poolside....
That's what I'm talkin about!! I REALLY enjoyed the day. It was exactly what I'd hoped for. Thanks to Josh for organizing the whole shindig! And thanks to everyone that came to make it special!





If you haven't figured out (by my increased levels of techy activities related to Facebook, Twitter, Emails, and Texts) my birthday gift from Josh was a new iPhone! A new-new one. The one that came out the day before my birthday! Josh had been pushing me to get one for a while, but, being my grandmother's granddaughter, I chose to be stubborn and wait until the day I could no longer use the phone I have, just to be sure I got the most for my money. I said, "When this one breaks, I'll be sure to get an iPhone next..." Well, my phone was just fine but the day before my birthday I found Josh and I standing in line at the Apple Store. I thought we were there to visit Jacqui, my sister in law, who was working like a horse on the day of the new phone release. I look over my shoulder to find Josh twisting my phone and ready to throw it to the first floor of the mall. I asked him, "Are you BREAKING my ph....... wait a second...... we're not here to 'visit Jacqui', are we...?" I LOVE the stinkin thing. And I LOVE the awesome husband!

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