TOP TEN things i l.o.v.e. about being married to josh johnson

#10) he 100% supports my yogurtland trips. -- i was truly concerned i'd "lose" this luxury once married. honestly, $3.50 a few (3-4) times a week, spent on frozen milk and crushed candy bars, intended only to satisfy female cravings, on nights i'm already complaining that it's cold outside... and he is TOTALLY cool with it. i didn't expect that one bit! and he doesn't even care for any of the goodness himself, he just watches & lets me indulge :-)
#9) he loves quicken. -- josh thinks tracking finances is the coolest thing since sega genesis. this leaves me with much more free time than i've ever had before. he "suggested over and over" that we switch to online automatic bill pay...brilliant! i just get emails now that say my bills are being paid. i love efficiency!
#8) Two words: Netflix & LOST -- two wonderful new worlds i've been pulled into! netflix used to take the fun out of going to get a movie from blockbuster, but now it's found itself as one of my favorite things to receive in the mail! and LOST...amazing show! i am enthralled by the characters and the unknown. who'd've-thunk i'd ever like a sci-fi show??? i'm tellin ya, marriage is an EYE OPENER!
#7) june. -- oh my june bug! josh did an amazing job at raising june. she is SO SWEET and SUCH A GOOD DOG! and... josh let her enjoy her chewing years in his home with his stuff. so, fast forward 2 puppy years later, and i really got lucky! she is playful and fun, gentle and loving, and is past her chewing stage! in all seriousness--this dog has our hearts and i love loving her WITH josh. its a true treat.
#6) we hold hands. -- i worried that the dating feeling would quickly go away after we got married. i once told josh, "babe, when we get married, are you gonna stop holding my hand?" he said, "never". and i believe him.
#5) he's a human heater. -- for some reason, my body has decided to stop making it's own heat as of 5 years ago. i truly attribute it to traumatizing experience of living in spain during the winter in college, where i was cold and shivering for 60 days straight. anyway, josh is ALWAYS about 15 degrees hotter than i am. cuddling with my husband is right up there on my list of "ways to stay warm in this cold cold world", next to my 82 degree "auto" setting in my car, and my "high" setting on the heating blanket.
#4) "and this is my wife, Angelica..." -- LOVE THAT! we've only gotten a few pieces of mail sent to Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, but i'm really enjoying it...
#3) can you say "slumber party"!?!?!?! -- sleepovers with my best friend seven nights a week? who can complain!? no, really, WHO?! and although josh isn't the most lively in the mornings, he always wakes up with a big fat smile!
#2) he makes me communicate better. -- josh and his oh-so-charming literal analyses of my speech really cause me to think twice about what i'm trying to say. it's annoying at first, no doubt, (especially when i'm frustrated and trying to explain something and when he questions my mixture and abbreviations of words or makes me take the long-cut when i desperately want to take the short-cut to get to my point), but i really do love that he cares enough about what i'm saying to really try to understand me, even if it means taking me SO EXTREMELY literally that i have to really be careful how and what i'm saying. he makes me a better communicator with him and with other people i come across.
#1) he tries hard everyday. -- i KNOW what you're thinking--"you guys have only been married for two months...every day is only 60 days..." BUT if you know Josh Johnson like i know Josh Johnson, you'll know that one of his BEST qualities (which also happens to be my favorite) is his hardworking and loyal efforts put forth in EVERYTHING he does. lucky for me, i'm one of those things... (hey, now...........dirty folks...)

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alyssa said...

thats soooo sweet gigi! i love you guys!