"sleepwalk with me" mike birbiglia

our buddy, angelo, is celebrating his 26th birthday this weekend, and we thought we'd treat him to a night in LA with comedian, mike birbiglia (www.birbigs.com). as it turned out, it was a real treat to ALL OF US! his skit, "sleepwalk with me", had us all riled up--i haven't laughed that hard in a long time! and to top it off, the guys were stoked about the chance run-in they had with another favorite comedian of theirs, eddie izzard. they were words away from inviting the guy to join us at chipotle, but thought they'd leave the man with his privacy...

josh, angelo, and jim
these three were cracking up at each other's jokes the whole night... i'm not sure they needed mike birbiglia to make them laugh, but he sure was funny!

glad i got to join the boys last night. we had such a blast!

after coming home late from LA, we woke up this morning to find our puppy sleeping on her bed like a princess, pillow and all! this dog has SO MUCH PERSONALITY.

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