that's a wrap!

Ohhh my, what a weekend! Phew! It was awesome... tiring, but awesome!

Kelsey and Colby's wedding was so awesome--those two are so in love :-) Liz and Matt's wedding was beautiful, and the yacht was just killer! Congratulations to all of you guys, and many blessings in you marraiges!

Our friend Kristy Sola has started doing some photography, so we "modeled" for her to work on some engagement pics. We are a month away from our engagement pics with Ryel J, our good friend and photographer who will be photographing our wedding, so this was a great practice session!

Tonight, Alyssa, Josh and I went and saw the movie "Fireproof". It's a really good movie (okay, the acting was a little cheesy at the beginning, but the storyline really was good). You may have not heard about it before, but I really recommend it. Watch out, it's a tear jerker!

So, I really lucked out yesterday! Josh, being the wonderfully amazing techie-geek that he is, owns tons of great gadgets, including 2 flat screen TVs. Well, he's found that 2 is just too many for a growing boy, so he decided to "share the wealth" and move one of the two TVs into my place! Yayyyy for getting "an early start" on the move in process.... I'm just LOVING it. Such crisp picture...and it S-W-I-V-E-L-S!!! My old TV is now in my room so I can finally watch The Early Show in the morning as I get ready! Life is good.

Here are some pics of Josh and I from the casino night dinner cruise, Kristy Sola, and the two weddings we went to! Enjoy!

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