the getaway!

for a few weeks, now, josh and i have been trying to set up a camping trip. we usually head straight up to joshua tree for camping and climbing, but we thought hiking sounded a little more mellow, and great for a quick trip. we had it all planned--we'd head up to hurkey creek (where josh grew up camping) and we'd take june with us for a quick 2 day trip. fast forward a few weeks...its almost time to go....until...we checked the weather. "chance of rain"--"watch for rain this weekend"--"cloudy with a 60% chance of rain"--"rain is expected". aw crap. wet tents, wet dog, dirty car, cold nights...not sounding so fun anymore. i was bummed. i was in such bad need of some one-on-one time with my guy and was totally not wanting or willing to pay for a hotel just for a weekend away. well, come friday afternoon, josh told me to pack some clothes, and that we were leaving that night. "where to?" i asked. "you really wanna know?" he says. "hmmm, actually, no, i don't," i said. "alright. good, because i wanted to surprise you anyway." so i packed up my stuff (and lots of it because i didn't know where we were going..) and hours later, we hit the road. june stayed behind with his roomie and sister, and we started our trek...but not without a quick stop and in-n-out to start the vay-cay off right. 2 hours later we found ourselves in a cabin in big bear. it was awesome...just the two of us, a stack of movies, a pile of board games, a chill in the air, and a warm fire. we spent a lot of time indoors (which was exactly what we needed...), but did make our way outside to have lunch, walk around town, catch a glimpse of the stars, and play in the woods. it was a perfect weekend. thanks, baby, you're the best!

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