the wonderful world of partially prepared meals...

josh and i have a new favorite grocery store. you have to check out fresh & easy if you haven't yet! first off, they give away more coupons than i've ever seen (after bed, bath, and beyond) so there's no excuse to not try it. anyway, (so far) josh and i haven't spent time focusing on "cooking"...we are more the type of people that will take any opportunity to rationalize going to dinner instead of cooking ("since we don't have ALL the ingredients we need for that, we'll have to go to the store first, which takes gas...especially after you turn the car on twice, once to get there and once to get back...then the onion will be so big that no matter which house it stays at, it'll end up being thrown away because it won't get eaten before it goes bad, and since we haven't seen each other in a few days, we really need to catch up over a served-hot appetizer, and we should really do our part in trying to keep the economy strong...") so, in an effort to stay away from going out to eat so much, we'll often drag one another to the grocery store and throw things in each other's carts. but fresh and easy....well, we're having a fun with that one. so much pre-seasoned/flavored fun! i'm especially fond of the seemingly fresh cookie dough that needs to just be "popped in the oven", and josh so far likes the pre-wrapped burritos that only take 3 minutes in the microwave to cook.
doesn't our eating style sound just SOOOOO tasty?! everything from (not)scratch. i'm having a dinner party soon. who's in?

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