When I was a senior in high school...

The last thing I wanted to do on a Saturday morning was ride my bike around and check out garage sales with my best friend.  In fact,  it never even made the list of things I might possibly want to do with my Saturday morning.  

Now that I am 32, things havent changed much, but I found myself up at 4:45 a.m. this last Saturday driving with my fiance to my parents house to work a community garage sale.  By community I mean my parents and three other houses within 4 square blocks.  Yeah, it was awesome.  You only wish you could have been there too.  

The best part though was the two high school seniors who showed up on their bikes.  It had to be the highlight of the day.  We were just imagining the phone call that sparked it all....

Kid 1 - "Dude.... do you still have that backpack?"
Kid 2 - "Yeah, I wear it to school every day..."
Kid 1 - "No, no, no... that wont do.  I mean the BIG one.  The one you can almost fit yourself in"
Kid 2 - "Yeah.....why?"
Kid 1 - "Just get on your bike, make sure you have your riding gloves on, and come over... I have something planned that you're gonna LOVE."

If I was Kid 2 and I showed up to have my buddy tell me we were going garage saling, I would have punched him in the face, shoved him in the backpack, and thrown him in the lake.  But being on the flip side of things and watching it all happen was a heck of a lot of fun!!  Those two kids bought 2 entire backbacks full of junk.  It was really quite awesome. 

The best parts of the day was hanging with the family, super mario bros and a nap on the couch.  I would do another garage sale in 6 months just for that part! 

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