i like to combine words. josh thinks i'm a dork, but what else is new, really? last week i traveled to saugatuck, michigan. what? where? yeah, that's what i said... saugatuck, michigan borders douglas, michigan. what? where? yeah, that's what i said. i was invited by a haworth furniture dealer (office furniture) to visit haworth's headquarters and manufacturing plant in michigan. it was a last minute trip, but i was stoked to find out the deal came with a private jet for the 14 guests, a trip out on the lake in a yacht, and 2 nights in the locals bed and breakfasts. not to mention, tons of food, wine, and a few really informative sessions about office furniture (which, call me a dork, but i love office furniture) and cool lectures about the leed certification process the new building went through (leed...sustainability, green, etc. i just became a leed accredited professional in the last few months, so this too, was intriguing. josh is an eco-friendly green-buff, so he's always pushing me to learn more about energy conservation, recycling, reusing, and going greeeeen!) saugatuck was so funny. it was basically "balboa island meets cape cod"...plop in the middle of the midwest. the town had a smaller population than ucsb. in any case, the trip was quick, easy, and fun. it was really nice to get back in time to enjoy the weekend and spend time with the j-man though, that's for sure!

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