Josh 'n' Gigi's day off...

For some reason Labor day means a day off of work. I don't know who came up with that idea but I am not going to argue with it. For me it means I get to forget about schoolwork for a day and spend some time with my fiance!

After a busy Saturday and Sunday, a relaxing Monday was what I needed. Thank goodness we had the day off and lunch at Islands with Gigi was the perfect way to start. Caffeine and food to take my headache away then it was off to REI for some shopping for whatever will get rid of the gift cards that melted in my car....oops! After finding some new clothes we were off to IKEA to look for some temporary furniture until we are married. We didnt find anything except wedding decorations, but did you know you can get frozen yogurt in a cone for $1.00 at IKEA? That was awesome!

We left IKEA and went grocery shopping (where we got some kick-ass patio chairs), picked up June from my house and went to Gigi's house for dinner. We had frozen pizza on the patio and watched the neighbors get all jealous of our food. Then we poured some wine, opened up the new patio chairs and watched an episode of Heroes on the laptop. Technology is awesome! (and so are those chairs!)

What a great day!

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