oh my...

don't even get me started on how sad i am that i've just let this blog go :(  thankful it doesn't show in the way of pants that don't fit or the inability to walk up a hill without huffing and puffing the way "letting yourself go" shows, but it's still not easy to start writing again. 

our last post was at the beginning of summer--peyton doesn't even look like that baby in the pictures anymore!  so much has happened, and i want to share ALL of it.  and i will, in time, share the details of how God has blessed our family these past few months, but for now--the short version.

peyton is 18 months old, today!  she's walking, running, climbing, talking, signing, talking  listening, talking, singing, talking, whistling, and talking.  SHE IS SO FUN!! josh has a (fairly) new job at Broadcom as a sr. buyer in their procurement department, and thoroughly enjoying it!  june is learning what it's like to be treated like a well-cared-for dog instead of a decently-cared-for child--poor thing. and me?  i'm busy being josh's wife, peyton's mommy, junie's walker and petter, and this home's dust picker upper.  oh, and that job thing? well, i was able to step aside from that for a little (undetermined) while. 

we are joyful, healthy, growing, inspired, loved and faithful during this season of our lives.  and i plan to do a better job of sharing our family stories, struggles, and excitement--so bare with me as i work to gear this sucker back up!!


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