peanut of my heart! you were a WILD RIDE to photograph this month. you with your standing, stepping, twisting, reaching, arching, and unsticking... you are something else! :) and to think 11 months ago you sat there like a sack of potatoes. i know that in just a short month or two you'll climb down that chair yourself, and walk to the other side of the house without me. good thing this monthly photo experiment is only planned for a year--at least on that chair!

munchkin, you really continue to amaze us. do you know that the second you fall asleep, i miss your smile and activity!? and the second you wake up, i miss your sweet, sleepy, heavy breath?! oh, the problems i have--will they ever go away!?

daddy and i are having a blast with you and your blooming personality, or should i say "ever-expanding knowledge of things you've officially decided you do and don't want..."! ;-) we think the world of you, sweet pea, and love you always!

mommy n daddy

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