sittin' on up!

peyton is almost 5 months old, and more fun than ever! she loves to smile and laugh (squeel, really...) and is starting to sit without help! she loves laying on her tummy playing with toys, and laying on her back chewing on toes! she has a favorite dvd already ("praise baby"--which has been a total life saver on a few occasions!) and loves when we sing songs to her and make faces her way. she watches us get ready every morning, and can't get enough of the june bug right now. it's so fun to see her take it all in! some days she likes books, some days she's over them, but we keep trying! she's starting to really like bathtime, as it's now just become another time to play, only this time, with water! needless to say, it's a somewhat messy event to get clean... here are a few pics of the growing (sitting) munchkin.

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