rounding third...!

i absolutely cannot BELIEVE that we are just a mere 3 weeks away from welcoming baby j into the world. we are excited, to say the least, but still have lots to do before baby comes! keeps it interesting, in my opinion.

i have felt surprisingly good this last trimester. i know the next 3 weeks really have the ability to change my mind about how well these last few months have gone, but i really feel like i can handle another 3 or 4 weeks of this thing called pregnancy (which is good, because from what i hear, first time moms usually deliver up to a week late)! although not as active as i'd like to be, josh, june and i still manage to squeeze in a 30 minute walk 4 or 5 times a week, and i'm not scared of stairs or long walks through parking lots and malls. i see joggers taking advantage of this great weather lately, and it makes me miss working out, but i'll have no excuses to not want to work out after baby comes, since it's been so long since i've had a good, sweaty workout!

sleeping is a bit harder these days--the bathroom calls my name a few times per night, and my mind races with predictions of what life-after-baby will be like. i DO miss sleeping on my back and stomach, but i've never been more thankful to have a tempurpedic bed than i've been these last few months. that bed makes sleeping feel like a 7 hour trip to the clouds and back. (have i mentioned i'd recommend this bed to ANYONE? that's right, even YOU. no, i'm not getting paid--i just really believe that bed is the best one ever made... i'll probably send this post to tempurpedic soon, though, just to see if i can get a little dough of out it...... hey, anything helps, right?)

i'm still not a huge fan of this pregnancy thing--i'd prefer to be more mobile, active, and fit in my normal clothes, but i must say, feeling baby j all day long is pretty dang incredible. this little one has a mind of it's own. between the punches, kicks, hiccups, rolls, turns, stretches, and nap times, i already feel like i'm getting to know the munchkin's habits and schedule. and it's sweeeeet. i am beyond excited to meet baby soon--to see if we've got a little boy or a little girl joining our family, to see who he/she looks like, to wrap my hands around it's little body, and to cuddle with the bundle of joy for hours on end. i'm already falling in love with him/her, but am greatly anticipating getting to know every little thing about this baby. not to mention, i think seeing baby j with his/her dad is going to be incredible. josh is already so great with babies and kids, but when he gets to hold, love, and cuddle his own, i'll just get to watch and relish in the beauty of it all.

overall, this third trimester has brought incredible experiences with it. i'm ready for it to come to a close, mostly so we can begin life together as a family, with everyone OUTSIDE the womb... (my womb, to be exact.........)

thanks for following the quirky little stories of my pregnancy. hopefully the next pregnancy post will be about being done with it, and welcoming baby j into our lives.

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