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Everyone and Their Mothers said it best. "you'll feel great during your second trimester." months ago, that was all i could think of, and even hope for. and i am BEYOND thankful that They were right!

month 6 is soon approaching (christmas day = 2/3 of this crazy journey down, 1/3 to go!). the past few months really have been much more pleasant than the first. for example, food tastes good again, sleeping seems to only be necessary at night, and nausea only makes itself known when i regretfully skip a meal. as a matter of fact, i feel so good so often, that a whole week will go by without me even noticing. so although i'm not constantly reminded that i'm pregnant because i'm feeling so good, the definition of the "second trimester" seems to be that OTHER people are realizing and being constantly reminded that i'm pregnant. i can no longer hide it...

josh and i will be walking the dog together, and a neighbor will come up and say, "oh, wow, when are you expecting?!" i have yet to respond with the awkward line of, "me? expecting? expecting what? do i look pregnant??? oh my goshhhhh, i look pregnant!! i'm not pregnant....!! (LONG PAUSE) just kidding, due in march!" i just can't get myself to take it there. but everytime we walk away from that person, josh shakes his head in disappointment and says, "bold. so bold. just TOO SOON, in my opinion." i often think he says that just to make me feel better (i'm definitely becoming self concious about my growing self...) but he seriously thinks people should NOT be guessing...in the mere case they are just way wrong. it's humorous to me, especially because it really gets him going sometimes.... hehe

the pants no longer zip. my regular tops are...phasing out. jackets don't button. and. AND. i bought a new bra today. :-/

i can ONLY IMAGINE what the next 3 months have in store for me.

They say it will be uncomfortable. They say i won't be able to see my toes. They say i won't want to walk anywhere or do anything. They say getting off the couch will be hard. They say i'll start waddling soon. and you know what? i don't doubt Them. They've been right so far.

so i'll raise my sparkling water glass to a solid 2nd trimester down, and do my best to welcome the upcoming third "semester", as my mom would call it--until it finally clicks and she decides to correct herself--with open arms.

oh, and baby j says hello from the depths of my tummy!! see, he/she is waving at you! :-)


(21 week ultrasound)

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Nessa said...

Aww, such cute hands!

I agree with Josh, if I happen to see someone I think is pregnant, I steer clear, just in case...