a little daydreaming never hurt anyone

i'm aching for a roadtrip. all i want to do is pack a small bag, a big cooler, grab the dog's leash and a few cans of her food, follow the husband to the car, dog in tow, and hit the open road while it's still dark.

the first thing i'd do is fall asleep :-) what? it's still dark. and once the sun would come up i'd wake back up. no big deal. i'd take over for driver josh, who's probably dead tired by that time because 'morning's just aren't his thing'.

june would be zonked in the back for hours. as a matter of fact, she'd probably go a good 8 hours before needing ANYTHING. she'd just sleep--happy as a clam. a dog clam. she loves that gosh darn car.

we'd get hungry and start scavenging through the cooler for some yummy food, only to find that we didn't pack anything that sounded good. we'd pass a jack in the box and start our week of back-to-back-heart-attack-food-consumption with a breakfast jack or a sausage bisquit, probably wrapped in bacon--because everything tastes better wrapped in bacon. the food in our cooler would inevitibly go bad before we ever got near it. i mean, who really wants an apple when you're driving by a krispy kreme?

regardless of where we were going, we'd find ourselves in nature sometime around noon. whether it's a stumbled-upon national park or a spontaneous walk on the beach, the car's a/c would eventually get to us, and we'd need a fresh air break. and whether she knew it or not, june would need some exercise by now. josh would be scared to let her off a leash, so i'd cleverly pull out her 25 footer so she could run and play and still be "nearby". are we overprotective? maybe. but do you know how badly i'd feel if we LOST her 7 hours from home? no chances.

what's that, in-n-out? you want us to swing by since we're still in california and may not be for much longer? ohhhh. okay, sure. why not? (another step closer to a heart-attack, but honestly, not much different than a typical sunday...)

we'd be back on the road with full bellies, ready to laugh and play and joke with each other as we make our way to that evening's destination. by this time, josh would have picked an album to listen to, i would have picked four of them, and it'd finally be his turn to pick again. good thing he's so easy-going on the music scale when it comes to long road trips. on these trips, he's good to go with "anything, babe" :-)

after a few moving-car landscape photoshoots and 20 minutes of jittery, nonsense video camera footage, i'd go back to sleep. what? it's been a long day!

we'd probably find our first hotel sometime around 7, just in time to unload the car, rile up the dog, and go get dinner. i know--we've barely had anything to eat ALL DAY, so we're obviously starved.

get some rest, because tomorrow we're doing it all over again.

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