hello again

WOW!! i am STOKED about the awesome response to/on our blog since the big announcement. ya'll are suckers for a new baby, sheesh...

i desperately need to take this time to post a big T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U. to my baby's-daddy for keeping our little blogger world up to date with our big news and all that comes with it. he's been the only one posting new blogs in the past month, while i'm off somewhere "laying down/not feeling well/wussing out". four posts in 15 days?! daaaaannnng, babe!! you rock.

oh, and thank you for the little pea that's making me so sick. i love you.

when i first started this blog, i asked the man if he'd "partake". i knew my intent was to share our week to week engagement excitement/struggles, but i presumed his involvement would be... sparse. much to my surprise, his first blog was awesome! and they continue to be (you have the right to your own opinion). i mean, i know my husband is witty and funny, but his writing was clever and refreshing, and i loved it. as we continued to contribute to the new blog, i found one of us would write a blog then run and tell the other person, "read my blog, read my blog, babe! didja read it?! huh?? huh??? reeeeeeeeaaaaaad ittttttttt....!!!!" it was FUN. a lot of our posts were about marraige and relationships, and it was always interesting to read where the other's head was at that time.

well, here we are, 7 months away from adding a little one to this crazy little family of ours. recently, we've become beyond excited about our blog and enjoy looking back at all the time and energy we've spent making it an interactive public journal. we promise in advance that not all the future posts will be about the baby--but we can't deny it's a big part of of our lives. (okay, today it's the size of a green olive, so it's not THAT big a part yet, but you get my drift.) we can't wait to share with all you (5) devoted readers how this journey will continue. most of all, though, i can't wait to print our blog into a book or three (blog2print.com) and show baby johnson who his/her parents were before he/she came into the world.

oh my gosh. does this mean MY parents were around before I came??? oh, heck no way...

(oh, and for those of you looking for a picture of how happy the new dad was after he found out, say no more....!)

the shirt says, "i'm new here". hehe, chuckle chuckle.

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Michelle said...

cute shirt!! Clever too. :)