a saturday spent in the laundry room...

i. am. an. hgtv. junkie.

i've never tried my hand at design, nor do i have the creativity to pursue anything as artistic as design, but, i did have a large empty laundry room screaming for a little love and attention. this past weekend, i rallied up two of my (sweet, sweet) girlfriends and we managed to squeeze the three of us into a little 7x7 room, along with rollers, brushes, paint trays, ladders, and a washer and dryer.

after a coat of paint, and mini shopping spree at tjmaxx homegoods, i now have a cozy lil' spot in my house to clean clothes. i had a great time with my laundry room make-over and my husband is stoked because he'll have clean drawers-in-his-drawers more often... ;-)

nicole and kym workin' hard--thanks girls!
before and after: the shelf area
before and after: the bare left wall
the finished product. so cozy!

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Nessa said...

I love it!!! Such a cute idea with the detergent... Gotta get me a laundry room now :)