Step Right Up

I have a rather vast and diverse music collection. But there is one particular artist that has more tracks in the collection than any other. I have practically everything he has ever recorded and I can honestly say there isn’t anything I don’t like.

Ever since I purchased my first album by this artist I have been a huge fan of his music. He is probably the only artist I have ever said I HAVE to see in concert one day. I have told Gigi that if he ever comes even somewhat close to where we are, we will do whatever we need to to attend the show. It has become a life goal.

For those who don't already know who I am talking about, allow me to introduce you to Tom Waits. The video below is what sealed my desire to see him in concert.

Recently, one of the Tom Waits fan blogs I follow (I know, I'm awesome a huge nerd), posted a concert he performed in France back in 1980 and I just had to share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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