...lovers of starbucks

the entirely-too-computer-saavy-husband o' mine follows a ton of blogs, and one of his favorites, "deal news", has posted an awesome deal about free starbucks.

on thursday, april 15th, (yes, that's tax day, my friends), you can receive a free mug o' joe at starbucks, just by bringing in your own travel mug. if you don't believe me, you can click here for the proof.

just thought my fellow coffee lovers would want to know this big, big news :-) that, and i'm such a sucker for free stuff.

happy caffiening!!


Nessa said...

Hello :) What is the link for Deal News? Knowing me, I will love taking advantage of free giveaways!


...gigi... said...

Try this link:
If you use Google Reader (so highly recommended...) you can pop this into the "Add Subscription" block. Let me know if it doesn't work for any reason. Enjoy!!