attention pooch owners—

word on the street is that OC is cracking down on the requirement to have a dog license in place for your pet. i’ve heard cops are going to go door to door asking for pet licenses and fine people that are found empty handed. (i thought cops would have better things to do, but apparently not…) typically, you can only get a license within the first 4 months of dog life/ownership, but OC has open enrollment right now for anyone to apply for this license. thought i’d share this info with you guys--we’ve had the June Bug for 3 years and never finalized her paperwork (tsk, tsk, i know…) and others may be in a similar situation.

you can go to this website to apply for a license. the fee is somewhat minimal compared to a potential fine/ticket, or.....the loss of loved one.......... ugh, could you imagine?!?!?


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