oh, christmas tree, oh, christmas tree...!

today was a VERY special day. josh and i chose, brought home, lit up, and decorated our very first christmas tree together! we had so much fun...!

this years "theme" was humor :-) we went shopping for our decorations about a week ago, and had no clue where to start. we started picking up ornaments from the shelf, and some of them just made us giggle. sooooooo, we threw them in the cart, and that became the theme! if it made us laugh, it found it's way onto the tree!

josh with coca cola santa

of course we had to include june in the festivities.
an annoying jingle bell collar was just the thing!

ooooo, so romantic... our first christmas!

the finished tree!

here we go! the fun ornaments! cookie monster... looking sharp.
the reindeer playing a trumpet became our "angel" and is sitting atop our tree :-)
and the pig? SO random...

seriously, the reindeer (that looks like a donkey) and the zebra CRACK ME UP!

bulldozer: AWESOME. ballerina frog...REALLY?

NYC taxi...YES! love the old car and the school bus :-)

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